HB Freebie: Homefront

Story/Atmosphere: 10/10
Everything else: 4/10

But its free and only takes 4hrs to beat. Go grab it! Wolveriiiiiiiiiines!

Finally a free game I dont have :smiley:

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I really enjoyed the multiplayer of this when I played it… Even if it was poorly optimized at the time :smiley:

letsgetit1220 I’m too lazy to check how the game looks and plays. How similar is it to games like Siege, CoD, CSGO etc?

I actually really liked this campaign!

katsuo Play it for the campaign

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syncrosis I thought it was only a multiplayer game haha. I saw the acheivements and most of the achievements were multiplayer thing

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syncrosis Ok I suck. It’s mostly single player thing. Apparently, I’m blind too


Loved this game but it was never given a chance because of all the COD and BF fanboys. Loved the story in the single player though it was much much to short. Multiplayer was a blast.


Only just realized I already owned this game on Steam, so I downloaded it and started playing it…my god Im having a blast with it… makes me want to download metro again and finish that one too.