Hello Everyone <3

Bought a new monitor LG 1080p
A ps4 slim (couldnt manage enough money for pro ofc)

and Games i bought for now

GOW 3, 4
Horizon Zero Dawn


Perhaps you can upgrade later for cheaper with a trade-in of the slim.

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Nice, enjoy the games.

I like that Kratos is watching over your should, “Hey, when you playin my game?”


Hahahaha. Same tought. :smiley:

I wish I could experience the joy of playing uncharted 2 for the first time again :cry:

I wish I could experience the joy of playing a game at all

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What’s stopping you?

Life. :disappointed_relieved:

btw add me in PSN everyone :3

ID: l_x_DANTE_x_l


Added you

Senttttttt to you

I take it you encountered the char min as well? XD


All of u have ps4?!?!?

I would have added you, but I only add people who play PS4 Pro. eheheeeeeeeeeee. Too bad you had to get the monitor, oh well, just don’t play The Last Guardian because you’ll feel them frame drops there the most :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yup. Exclusives: they are exclusive.

Also don’t touch the last guardian without a pro.

I tried just senttttt and it said I needed a complete sentence. Dang robo jerk!