Hi. Jacob B here, from Gtribe, as many of you may know. I wasn’t aware that this place existed. I’ve skimmed through a few things, and from my understanding, this forum is here due to some Gtribe stuff that has happened recently. Anyways, just wanted to say that I’m glad those of you who are no longer with gtribe have found a place where we can all remain in contact and have fun.

I’ll be active. I promise.

Welcome :smiley:

Chello and Welcome Sir Jacob B

Welcome!! :slight_smile:

Welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard commando. O7

BoilingBeanz So does this mean you will be apart of the rocket league tournament? :slight_smile:

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Welcome my friend :wink:

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Welcome to the fray!

Welcome bro :slight_smile:

Welcome : ]

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Have fun!

Welcome! Glad to pick up some more people.

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Welcome to the jungle

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Welcome to the site.

Welcome :smiley: Must… work… on… my… pic :smiley:

Weelcoomee =D

you that guy with long hair and some beard ? :smiley: Welcome bro hope you enjoy with us :smiley:

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Thanks everyone for the welcomes!

BoilingBeanz Alright people lets get the “You’re welcome” train rolling now. I’ll start:

You’re welcome!