Help! Suggest the best laptop - ASUS ROG GL552JX vs GS60 2PL GHOST

Hi everyone,
Need help as my cousin wants to buy a gaming laptop for casual gaming, Photoshop, illustrator and video rendering work(youtube).

The laptops are pre-owned, both are under budget but gpu varies,
MSI - nvidia 850m 2GB GDDR3 with 16 months warranty left.
ASUS ROG - nvidia 950m 2GB GDDR3 with 3/6 months warranty left.(2 sources)

Katsuo always votes Asus so I’ll follow his lead and say Asus


ShiftySatchmo I’d rather kill myself than vote for Asus

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Gaming laptop is fiction. Vote for Asus.

I am on an ASUS GL553 right now, and I have no problems with it.

Artem_Zmitrovich Why do you say gaming notebook is fiction? You just need the right one :wink:
erased I don’t like the ASUS brand … and I love the MSI design … also I think the performance difference between the 950m and 850m is not really huge … wasn’t it not even just a rename? And the MSI still has a 16 months warranty while the ASUS only got max 6 month. On the other hand the ASUS still got a optical drive … so if you still need you might take that one. But in the end the most important point is how good the pre-owner handled the notebooks so if it is possible check them first.

Asus has the better GPU … so Asus :wink: