So i got a laptop to fix i know what the issue only clean install could fix it XD but im here to ask since this person wants to keep family pictures and other file should i just use my usb stick to upgrade it to windows 10 take files and reinstall windows back to windows 7 ?

System on the laptop is broken so i cant boot neither in safe mode or anything lol windows starts but stays on the black screen

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When you upgrade to Windows 10 you have the option to keep some folders if you want to, but why would you go back to 7 after? Anyway, if they only have one drive when you upgrade to 10 their pictures should be in Windows.old at least.

Also, Windows 10 upgrades aren’t free anymore.

Also, also, this is a good time to convince this person to create a crash plan so next time you can just do a clean install without worrying about losing pictures.

Well nothing worked HDD has some bad sectors and its not possible to recover anything or install windows so i plugged in other driver and will try to get pictures when i buy hdd adapter XD well what a bust i lost money here because i saad i can recover all the files and everything

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