Absolute banger game! HIFI Rush has to win some awards. Such a gem! Please play it. It’s a rhythm Devil May Cry game with a great story and none of the “modern gaming” bullshit like microtransactions, DLCs and what not. An actual game.

It’s on gamepass and Steam for 30 bucks. Thanks Tango Gameworks!


What if I want micro transactions?

Then this is perfect for you


I have to cancel the forum. I spent too much on it.

Im genuinely surprised it’s online for so longgg


ANYWAY, this game shall be played.

Veri nais. After that you will write here that you secretly like tall Scottish ladies. I’m predicting the future.

Does it need to be a secret?

Depends entirely on your wife. Is she a tall Scottish redhaired lady?


I definitely need to play this, but right now, I’m hooked on Everspace 2.