High On Life

This game is fucking awesome! I started playing last night and so far it plays like a bioshock or fallout. Graphically it’s beautiful, though some areas really hit your fps. Humour and story telling are top notch.

Currently running at max settings at 2160p>55 (usually >80). Some areas aren’t well optimized and I drop into the high 50s, but gsync saves the day there.

Oh and as an added bonus, I was on a light dose of LSD when I started the game and it really complimented the experience lol. Anyone who’s played the first 20-40 minutes of this game will understand better what I mean.

Will post more later!

I’ll probably play it when it’s on heavy sale.

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It is “free” with GamePass on PC.

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I think @Katsuo has that.

Nah, not anymore. I still like to clutter my room with Blu-ray plastic instead of going digital. :face_in_clouds:

There has been a patch and all I have to say is “FUCK YES!”

Just beat it! A fucking masterpiece! My only gripe is that fate lead me to this game a week or two too early. I played the last bit with DLSS set to ultra quality and man does that ever boos the fps. Didn’t see anything lower than 70 and was usually above 80.

I stopped using any of the AI things in most of the games. It just makes the games look shit just so you can gain a couple of fps.

I only use it if I’m below 60 at max settings. The AMD one is shit, DLSS is sweet and provides more than just a few fps usually.

I would do it too if I couldn’t get 60. But it doesn’t make any sense to degrade visuals if the frame rate is way above 60. Just my opinion

With DLSS 2.0 and higher you can’t tell. I was dipping below 60, so it was worth it.