HITMAN 2 Announcement Trailer


Always wanted F1 Hitman : ]

Nice. Now I need to play the first one. I played only the first episodeā€¦

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Is the second one going to be a proper game or episodic again?

Probably full game. Square Enix wanted it to be episodic. This time, the new Hitman will be published by WB.

Iā€™d rather wait for SquareEnix to finish the last episode than worry what WB will do to it.

It has been finished ages ago. Thereā€™s even a GOTY version of the game on all platforms. They even gave 2 episodes for free.

I know. I played it. I meant Iā€™d rather have Hitman 2 be episodic and have to wait for the last ep to be made before considering it a game, than worry about how WB will piss all over it.

Ahhh. Thought you were talking about the first one.

Honestly, I hope WB learned their lesson with Shadow of War. But I agree with you. I would rather accept the episodic type than have a trash game that is a casino-fest.