Hitman: Sniper is free on Android until 6th of September

Fun gameeee

I’ll try this on the ride home monday

Does this app actually fully download from google play or is there a jumbo in app download?

I downloaded the apk because I have the “your device isn’t compatible with our bullshit” crap on the store. The apk was about 1GB and that’s all I have to download.

Just went to download it and it’s 513MB download for me.

Yeah was 513mb for me as well. Just didn’t want to get in the car tomorrow and find out there’s more to download when I’m on data.

I probably downloaded 500MB of Spyware and porn with the game. Cooliooo

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Google play might compress the apk before the download, or some of the dependancies were already on my phone and for the apk download they packed in the dependancies into the apk.