Hollow Knight

So this is my next game! Also a gift from @Katsuo…so I’m assuming it’s Katsuo compatible. It has a user generated tag of souls-like, but the game isn’t shit for the sake of shit, so I’m assuming it’s not souls-like. Seems like a my-farts-smell-nice-metroidvania. That said, since I’m still playing, it must be the 1% of those that aren’t wasting our time.

It can run on a potato so right now it’s running on my laptop at 1080p144 (had to turn on vsync because it was going way over refresh rate) and when I get home it will run on my desktop on whatever the game’s max res is at 165fps (dsr 1440p).

Fairly fun so far, will post more later.


I liked this game. It is definitely a metroidvania.

It is weird that people tagged it as a soulslike…

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I was into it for the first half, then the repetitiveness wore me out unfortunately. Just stopped feeling fun or interesting to me. All it really did was make me want to replay Ori

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I find I need an attachment to a metroidvania franchise to push through a repetitive game…like metroid for example lol. So far I haven’t hit that situation yet.

Have you tried Sundered? That’s a pretty good metroidvania style so far.

Hollow Knight is on my list, but it did seem a tad long for what it is so I was worried I’d get bored. Seems like that may be a valid concern.

I’m doing this for @Katsuo…I had to unignore the game… so far no harm done lol

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You know it’s true…everything I do…I do it for katsuuuuu…o.

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Did you play Ori? If so, what did you think of it?

I remember it being good. Been a while.

You can ignore the game, really. I just thought you would like it since I liked what I saw on the gameplay trailers haha

Next sale, I’ll get you something something more with boobs. I mean, action. Uhhh, story?

The game’s good, it just never caught my eye previously and the souls-like tag probably made me click ignore the first time I seen it.

Side note, this game has a native linux build that runs perfectly.

That’s awesome. Now I can play it at work :cowboy_hat_face:

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I think they tagged it as souls-like because you drop all your money when you die. You can get it back if you go back to where you died.

Scratch the linux thing. It doesn’t save your game. Lost around 4ish hours played yesterday.

And now it can be done for free


Just beat it! Recommended.

So not a souls game. I wish developers could remove/ban user generated tags. Or at least have a separate listing of developer generated tags so we could all ignore the user ones.

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