How good are AC titles?

I tried the first Assasin Creed game twice, both times left because it was too boring for me. Maybe I’m not very objective because I’m not a big fan of stealth, also I’m a disappointed fan of the POP franchise.

But I love ancient Greek/Rome/Egypt setting/mythology, so Origins and Odyssey look attractive from that perspective. Is it worth trying them? How similar are they to the first AC game?

The last good AC games were Rogue and Black Flag. All the ones that came after were broken, boring, or both.

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I loved every AC. They are all good in their own ways. I liked Origins the most as the story there is quite cool. The world is pretty as hell and the DLCs were fantastic.

Odyssey is worse than origins but in no way is that a bad game. I find those 2 games better than anything AC from before.

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Can I beat them without stealth?

In my opinion the first AC is the worst one. It’s sort of a proof of concept where all the games afterwards built upon and improved. If its the core gameplay that you thought was boring then you probably won’t like most of the games. There are rare entries like Black flag have things that make it stand out like naval combat.

Origins onward seems to have light RPG elements. The enemies have levels you level up making certain areas and characters easier as you progress. So if that sounds interesting to you then you will probably like it more than the original.

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From what I’ve heard they threw stealth out the window for origins, Odyssey, and valhalla. Definitely for valhalla. That was the first one since Rogue that wasn’t broken… but I got bored.

Yes. Stealth is optional. There are still ways to kill everyone while in stealth but there is also a way just doing the rambo style and fight head on.

Bro just play Ghost of Tsushima instead. If you don’t have a PS5, that game alone is worth getting one for. And yes, you can rush in or stealth around in it. It makes AC look bad


AC got boring for me after the “Ezio trilogy”. I agree just play Ghost of Tsushima instead.


Bro just spend 1300 euros for ghost of tsushima bro

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Don’t act like it’s not worth it bro