Huge Le Sigh!

So I managed to come up with the money for Mass Effect Andromeda(mail in rebate gift cards) but I am adamantly against Pre-Ordering! But it’s Mass Effect, only my favorite series ever!

Remember: No Preorders.

Taking such quotes aside, you never know what is really going to happen. Maybe there will be an issue with the game that needs a patch after launch. Maybe it’s similar to titles such as No Man’s Sky. Or maybe it’s going to be one of the greatest games of 2017! However, we as honorable gamers need to ensure that gaming companies don’t view preorders as a necessity to have in their campaigns. It’s bad as it is.


Yeah I just don’t do it. I want to have it at release but I have a hard enough time buying games at full price and refuse to Pre-Order even if it is something I really really really want!

And then there is this! Huge Le Sigh just turned into a no no no say it ain’t so!

But then there’s this one!

Kotaku deserves one huge atomic bomb shoved up their asses. They’ve become so childish and I wouldn’t trust in any of their reviews. Just wait for other reviews. If i had to give a score from what I saw for Andromeda, I would give it 5/10 max. But then again, I didn’t play it so my score is pretty much not valid haha

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Wait for the official reviews to come out.

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If Rock Paper Shotgun says it´s shit… it usually is shit … Kotaku hypes everything :smirk: