Huge thanks to Kai, Milisav, Andrew, Alen, and Jon

Huge thanks to Kai and Milsav for these wonderful gifts.

I got Lost planet 3 in a bundle and enjoyed it a lot more than I expected. Now I can finally catch up on the whole series!! 7 Days to die is a popular game with a few of my friends from work. It sounded really interesting so now I can finally try it for myself. Again huge thanks you guys!!

Well u spent a fortune on gifts, so u deserve a gift or two or 3 XD
I wish I could give more, but I load my card before I went on my trip


Katsuo No need to give me more. 3 gifts is already more than I expected. I’m getting a bunch of money back because the Volkswagen recall has finally gone through so they are buying back my 2011 TDI golf. The gifts are just a little something to show you guys how much I love you all. XD


Another big thank you to Andrew shiftySatchmo

This game looks awesome. Huge fan of the Power Rangers as a kid and this game looks like a labor of love to the Power Rangers.


Well another big thank you, this time goes out to Alen zmajuga. Seriously though you guys need to slow down. Between all of you awesome people and a couple irl friends my entire wishlist has been gifted to me.


Yet another thank you goes out to Jon. Rage was a game that I thought looked awesome when it came out but I just never got around to ever buying it.

But seriously you guys need to stop with all the gifts. How am I meant to play all of these!!


Enjoy all those new games! We’ll see you when you come up for air after playing them all :smiley:

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One last thank you from picketech. I’m a little late I know but I’ve been busy lately and when I did get free time it was mostly spent playing all these wonderful games you guys sent me.

I can’t accept the gift but its the thought that counts so thank you!!