Humble Bundle Montly Deals


Mutant Year Zero and Northgard for 12 dollars? Wanted and tried both games, worth it, recommeded.


Mutant Year Zero is fun. I wish it was more random like XCOM is though.


Surely it is not random because I tried to solve a hard situation and fired a 75% chance shot 10 times reloading every time and 10 times it missed. Looked very much determined. Or I have the worst luck. :smiley: But besides that it is cool. Started on hard and have a hard time progressing.


Northgard looks interesting. If it’s anything like frostpunk, I might go for the bundle.


It should be ever more fun against friends. Trying to convince my brother to buy it and beat each other :smiley:
Oh and go for it :smiley:


I just sent you my copy. I’ll never play it.




How come?



Maybe @nanderman will want it