Humble Monthly is becoming Humble Choice

More details here but so far the tier prices look stupid.
update: now I get it, the classic is only available for active monthly subs now after that premium is the only choice. So it will be more expensive, got it

They key is to subscribe now and get way more for cheaper.

Didn’t give a shit about humble before, still don’t.

I wonder how long they’ll let people stay on classic

Until you have an active subscription, as soon as you cancel you can no longer go back. Pausing a month is still count as active if i read it right.

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Hm and it says “forever” which is interesting language hah

They want you to lose your head and subscribe “forever” or you have a +8 dollar/month fine to pay :smiley:

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Shrug. I don’t mind removing the mystery/gamble.

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