Hunt: Showdown

Looks like Crytek is still alive. :smiley:

Looks awesome

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All Crytek games look nice, but playwise, they are not that special somehow. Bit sad.

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MeFFFlenn Except Crysis trilogy, Ryse and Far Cry. These are good games.


Katsuo haha that’s like most of their games

ShiftySatchmo I know xD
But they were good. The latest games they’ve made are meh. Which is probably why they are struggling right now.

Anyone played this?

They just patched this week with this-

This weeks update gives a mode where you can play exclusively with players of your skill level.
Now they’ve always had skill based matchmaking, like fortnite does, or claims to have. The change is, you can toggle to ONLY play with players of your level. You may wait a bit longer, or your game will start without your lobbies being completely full it says, but you are guaranteed that players you meet will be exactly the same level as you.
If you leave it on regular mode, it tries to match you with similar skill levels, but then broadens the search gradually until the lobby is full.

interesting, and makes this game more appealing to me. wish other BRs would put this in.

I’ve played it when it was in beta or something and it was kinda rough. I’m sure it’s better now but dunno…seems like a really slow game. It’s kinda hard to play something slower after you played Apex Legends or the disgusting Warzone (which I’m forced to play because of my colleagues from work lol).