I am back from my adventure!

Finally back home… After missing for 7 months, I have finished the hard work all summer. On a good note as well, a friend of mine sold me his old PC as he got a new one, so I will have some gaming time as well, since my PC got stolen among other things a couple of months ago. I will start working on my channel as well.

Good to be back guys! I missed you all!

Welcome back, glad to hear about the PC :slight_smile:

alex I missed you as well :stuck_out_tongue: Great to see you back!

Nice! Welcome back. You have a crap load of gamer challenge calculations to make, chop, chop!

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Wait, you where gone? I thought you where just in the shower or something :wink: Welcome back.

Welcome back Alex! Glad you got a PC

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

alex finally…welcome back man :slight_smile:

Bienvenido man its good to have you back

Welcome back!

Welcome back dude!

Alex Welcome back.

Glad to see you back man :slight_smile: