I don't remember who was trying to get cards but

These are what I have. Also if I have any duplicates outside of these then I would be willing to trade for some of the Witcher 2 ones.

I was, but have no Witcher cards.

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ub6 Do you have any of The Walking Dead (First one), Trine 2, Tomb Raider 2014, Ryse Son of Rome cards maybe?

Only Tomb Raider ones I have, you have.

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ub6 Figures. Do you need any of the ones for this year that I have?

sir_diealot Don’t worry about it bud, you are looking for a trade and I understand that, try joining a trade group on Steam, there are a bunch with 1:1 trading which is great if you have extra cards… which I do not. :slight_smile:

Thanks anyhow.

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ub6 I thought trade was the only way you could do it?

The groups will trade with you… if you have something to trade in return. Key word is TRADE. :wink:

ub6 If I have anything from this year that you need is there a way I can GIVE them to you?

One can send a trade request (from the inventory page) with said items, but request nothing in exchange if one were so inclined.

ub6 Remind me of your information on Steam please. Edit: Found you and made request, which of those did you want?

sir_diealot Accepted your request, but not going to bother you about the cards. :slight_smile:

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