I found a new game that you guys might like!

Yeah. I found a nice up and down scroll game called http://www.enostech.com/
When you scroll down, the logo gets smaller and when you scroll up, the logo gets bigger. That is freaking addicting! My personal GOTY. Thank you LetsGetIt1220 for this

ROFL You are crazy man, but thanks for spending time on my site, linking to it and sharing the loves:D


LetsGetIt1220 Haha no problem man. Will do it again as soon as I stop playing other games haha

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Hey, I found a new game like that on here!!!

Nothing at all against LetsGetIt1220 though!

Up in the top bar, there is a number of posts, 1 of X, and a bar under it. If you scroll up and down, that bar goes back and forth and the number changes!

ummm…am I the only one sitting here doing that for fun? XD