I just went to the best wedding ever.

I’ve been to some pretty neat weddings over the years, with some really cool ideas.

But I just got home from probably the best one I’ve ever been to. I am friends with both the bride and the groom. Both of them are heavily involved in theater, not acting, but behind the scenes stuff. The groom is the technical director for a large theater that does a lot of broadway shows and big stuff, in our area. But both are very creative, and have access to a lot of entertainment contacts.

So the entire wedding was James Bond theme.

Started with the invitations. The invitation was in the form of confidential mission brief, saying that your mission was to infiltrate this wedding, pose as a guest, and do recon. You had to RSVP to an email they had set up, that was something to do with moneypenny. Then the showers, bachelor parties, etc, were all done this way.

Today was the actual wedding. It was in this big massive stone church, and the music was just piano, playing the James Bond themes. The dress was standard Bond attire. I kept it simple and affordable, just wore a black suit with a black tie and white shirt. (I told the bride my “Bond attire” was gonna be a wetsuit and flippers or speedos, and she gave me a mean look. LOL ) The ceremony was very short, sweet, and to the point. Then we all leave and go to the reception.

The reception was at the theater that the groom is Tech Director of. They had transformed the entire lobby of the theater into Casino Royale. It was very realistic and professionally done, with professional dealers. You got a packet of play money when you walked in, from the treasury of MI6, just like Bond got in the movie, to play with, and try to fit in. Everything in the place was Bond. They even had pictures on the wall of all the James Bond movies, and had made professionally done pictures of the bride and groom as a James Bond and a bond girl, and had them interspersed with the real ones. After they got done with the pictures at the church, the bride and groom drove up in a new Porsche Boxster. Then after the cake cutting and that stuff, they told everyone to go outside, the bride and groom had a surprise for the guests.

They had fireworks. A real, honest to goodness, professional fireworks show, that lasted as long and was as good as any I’ve ever gone to see.

Then, everyone went back in, and just hung around playing, eating, and drinking, in the casino. They had all the casino games that you would think of, but I just played one. I got a seat at the main poker table, (just like in the Casino Royale movie), and I stayed there the rest of the night. I had some really good hands, was up quite a bit at one point, but did not win an Aston Martin. At the end of the night, since we were playing with fake money, the blinds were raised, and we all started betting more aggressively and really having fun with it. I know it was not real money, but it was so realistic, it really gave you a sense of what it would be like sitting at a high stakes game in a high end casino, like the movie.

Has to be the best wedding I’ve ever been to, it pretty much had it all.

I certainly believe it was awesome. Glad you enjoyed it. :smiley:

Sounds like fantastic wedding! Glad you had fun!

That sounds like a blast.