I love you all

Just saying, this is crazy active. I am glad the little box hosting this is holding up!

Simply speaks for itself :slight_smile:


I said it before, and I’ll say it again…99% me

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teh_g I’m a little bit confused. How is it possible that this week / month we had more unique visitors than over the whole time? And only 865 posts per day … hmm I think we need to get better.


We dont use bots hhahaha

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“The little box hosting…” Sorry if this sounds dumb but are you hosting this on a home server? If so what kind? I picked up a Raspberry Pi 3 a bit ago and have been making interesting things out it as I get bored. Went from a Living room “Desktop” to a media center, etc. I’ve considered setting up different servers on it, but no idea how well it holds up… Anyway just making random conversation

tat2teel I’m using the smallest Digital Ocean droplet possible. 512 MB of RAM and one CPU core.


teh_g Color me impressed

tat2teel if it gets toooo much more popular I’ll have to scale it up.

teh_g Yeah, that’s understandable.

I am going to go quiet for a while if you need me message me on steam or fb or talk to the hubby. nothing wrong. I just do not play the kinds of games you all do and feel like a 5th wheel. So have fun ill check in once in a while. Be safe have fun and may the odds be ever in your favor. May the force be with you and have a cookie for good measure. :cookie:


FireWitch eh?

FireWitch feel free to stick around. We’d love to play some games at some point!

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ShiftySatchmo I like how you got downvoted by someone :1234:

I play pretty much all the types of games except sports… what sort of games are you playing?

Katsuo right back at ya :wink:

ShiftySatchmo But I havent downvoted ya :confused:

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Awesome guys lets keep this up