If I gave you $1700

To build me a pc, what would you build.

Only parts needed are a motherboard, processor, ram and maybe a fully modular 850+ Gold or better power supply.

Gaming is the major use but there is some video editing and what not.

RGB or not is up to you right now.

AMD or Intel is up to you right now (but keep in mind any AMD over 8 cores has to be put into gaming mode and rebooted to play and then it becomes a glorified 2700).

Show me what you’ve got.

I had two of my full builds which i planned to do with i5 8600k and ryzen 7 2700x but I don’t have any links saved… not sure what I might do but for the games you play 8600k is a beast for everything else go ryzen.

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I would wait for Zen2 and DDR5. At least that’s what I’m going to do. :wink:

This is what I ordered. I paid for it around 1900 euros. It’s usually more but I’m working at Amazon so I get some cheap stuff. I didn’t include water cooling and peripherals in the wishlist because I’m a lazy bastard to add stuff to a list.

Am just looking around for now… if the right things happens before the next batch of releases I will pull the trigger. I mean I am in no hurry as my 4770K is still crusing along nicely at 4.9, but it is getting a bit dated with some games when paired with the 1080ti.

Nice setup, I was maybe thinking of something like this for myself. A bit more than I need, but it’ll last me another 5 years or so. Maybe… on both the items and if it would last me. :slight_smile:


The incompatible part is showing because I did not choose a cpu cooler, because I already have water cooling.

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https://pcpartpicker.com/list/f82GD2 maybe something like this? Though is close to what I maybe looking at building with less hard drives. And I was thinking of using a Phanteks PWM hub for my fans.