I'm back

What’s up, how’s everyone? While i had a broken PC I was improving my real life skill. Got some awesome skill points in my skill tree with my job and I progressed all the way to the top on my desired position. A lot of positive things happened and some bad too. I had an accident, feel of a roof and somehow I magically survived with some serious injuries but now i am feeling pretty good. Recently fixed my PC, finished Dark souls 3 and currently on a hold of gaming while I’m waiting to be done with my therapies. Planning to build a new PC or getting a PS4 since there are few games I’d love to play but are only available on consoles. In general life is pretty good even tho I had few plans I had to put them on hold for now. So how are you and you and you and you too? God bless


Good to see you back onboard and I wish you fast recovery. Next time take of the “red shirt” to avoid accidents. :wink:

Welcome back :slight_smile:

Well glad your back! Im still on hold about a platform upgrade my self, but on the side im working on the case and a new gpu while I get saving for around next black friday so that maybe I can do a platform upgrade and not need anything else to go with it. Undecided untill then between i7 or Ryzen 7… want to wait untill such time as I have the money before deciding on it so not to jump back and forth between decisions lol.

Welcome back, glad you are okay! :heart:

Dark Souls sucks.

Whalecum back!


Did you guys know that Sami moved to the US and is a president of Zimbabwe? :scream:

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Might be true and im a president of Burundi kekeke

Welcome back Sami, i hope you get well soon

He is the president of your heart

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Ah that’s why I’m having a heart attack every second

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@ArsonDV Welcome back!! I’ve been waiting for this day.

Aweehh it’s good to be back

Welcome back Sami glad to hear you are doing ok

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