Images - question

Just saw where p3ssimist_gΛming-Giveaways is wanting a pic of our setup, so something I’ve been meaning to figure out -

How do we upload images here?

I thought I saw that we need a 3rd party place to link it to, and thats cool if so, but what is the best most trusted and easy to use one? Obviously, I’ve never used one before.

Then I thought I saw a post in the changelog, that said we actually could upload images from our computer to a post now, but wasn’t sure thats what it meant.

Polekatt i been dragging the pics from the folder and dropping them in the text box


cool, didn’t know that would work!

Polekatt said in Images - question:

cool, didn’t know that would work!

Yeah, we use imgur as a back end. If you upload manually to imgur and post a link it will expand as well.

You can also click the cloud button with the up arrow in it. That’s the upload button.


Ok, that goes back to my original question about a 3rd party -
Do I need some type of imgur account for that to work? Or does it just work automatically?

Polekatt it is automatic. Just drag it over in this box or use the upload icon. You can also just copy paste an image and it should upload.

teh_g cool, thanks!!

ShiftySatchmo see, I used the tag for this, for others to find. :wink:

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I think the only time I have run into issues is when there was a small cap on uploads. As long as the image is under 20 MB it should upload and post. I have had to wait a few extra seconds after the upload thing fills up for the imgur link to appear.


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alt text
Polekatt mentioned my name somewhere in the post but I can’t find post or question?
alt text

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Mark2K77 A wizard did it. Or maybe he edited a post? Or the forums are being weird. It is a mystery.

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Mark2K77 said in Images - question:

Polekatt mentioned my name somewhere in the post but I can’t find post or question?

I keep getting notices as well.

teh_g Sir_diealot Mark2K77
Hey! I was getting these notices also.

I think it has to do with groups. If you look at the groups, the groups posts are not really related to the groups, its just showing every post, by every member in the group. My guess is that it is coming from that- If I mention the group, like I did in the first post with P3ssimist giveaways, then it notifies every person in that group.


Could well be.