In Game events/rewards

Figured this might be a good topic

GTA online - Anniversary gift (they do this every year) Log in before Oct 2nd and you get 1,000,000 added to your account.

MTG Arena - Launch event - Make one deck in standard, using any standard cards, and play it in the event. Get 12 wins without losing twice and the reward is one copy of EVERY card in standard format.
(event is active first week in October, practice run available this weekend)

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I’m not convinced I could do the MTG Arena event.

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League of Legends has a World 2019 Championship event. They are giving away a lot of stuff and if you buy the Worlds Pass, you might even unlock the new Valiant Sword Riven skin which costs around trillion bucks.

They have also announced High Noon event which is coming somewhere in October. High Noon skins are one of the best ones soooo I’m gonna grind until I die to get them all.

Also, I’m pretty sure that I’m the only one playing League here so whatever I wrote here is pretty much zzz to all of you but truck it…I had to write it. It might convince you to start League of Legends. 8mil concurrent players ain’t enoughhhhh

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MTG Arena, I can’t even get two wins before I get two losses let alone 12.

Also I don’t know if I could play LoL. I played the original DOTA mod on warcraft 3 and everyone was super toxic (including my teenage self). Never touched MOBAs ever again.

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