In Person Roleplaying (tabletop)

Any of you into RPing in person? My wife and I have been going most Saturdays for the past couple years to RP with a few friends. We’ve done 5E, Symbaroum, and Edge of Empire so far. Just kicked off a new Edge of Empire campaign after wiping in Symbaroum…

We play D&D, Space Crusade and Call of Cthulhu from time to time. :smiley:

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I used to go every Saturday to a friends house, and we had a group that averaged around 5-6 of us, but sometimes we would end up with as many as 10-12 people.

We played everything. several forms of D&D, Magic: The Gathering, Rifts, and Mage Knight were our favorites, but it was mainly about the D&D campaigns. We swore we would never stop, but after about 10-15 years, kids started getting to that age where they had events parents needed to take them to, people started moving away, one clear across the country, so it finally fizzled out.

BUT, the ones of us that still live close enough, we do still get together about 4-5 times a year as group, with our families, and go out to eat, if nothing else just to keep in touch and talk about old times and new games. We’ve threatened to start D&D back up again via a web cam and something like Roll20, but none of us have web cams, and we are all too lazy to actually start it.

i really love this type of gaming but never have friends to play with :frowning:

Tsok said in In Person Roleplaying (tabletop):

i really love this type of gaming but never have friends to play with :frowning:

Check out, there are some “Looking For Group” posts there. You can at least play online!

I tried but i think i am a bit noob on this. I prefer to find 3 or 4 friends to play with so they can teach me and also forgive my mistakes.

I used to be a member on various roleplaying forums, each with different concept and such. How about we host such an event here? I am DEFINITELY up for that!

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Alex i am sure IN

I’ve joined a group for GURPs and Pathfinder. I’m not huge with GURPs.

I RP in person every day. I pretend to be someone who doesn’t want to punch people in the face when they annoy me XD It’s super effective!

Don’t down vote me teh_g or I’ll be myself and punch you in the face Saturday

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