Information to help navigate the new site.

Once inside a topic there is an RSS feed button that you can add so that any replies to that topic will be sent to the client you use. There is a chat(PM) feature, in your settings you can turn off the "must be following to chat"option. You can add people even after the chat has been going on. If you are getting a home page error, go into settings and change Custom to None. For some reason it changed?!? Ummmm… in your profile there are numerous themes you can set. We do have a hashtag system here. There are a lot of emoticons type : and a letter and it scrolls through a bunch! Even :panda_face: ! If you press the emoticon smiley at the top, a full list comes up at once!

While i have only facilitated the creation, Geran and I(OK I’m just giving feedback for now) are working towards making it the best we can for all our NotGt brethren!

If you somehow missed it, should you want to go incognito or maybe mark yourself as busy there are options when you click on your profile pic.

You also have the option to display your real name in privacy settings but it doesn’t look to be working?!? We will look in to it.

You can start a group, though honestly i am not sure what it does. Hey I’m new as well!

There is an option to upload images though i will need confirmation from teh_g what kind of space and size limitation is in place. Little cloud with up facing arrow when starting a new post, top far right in the post “options”.

and it has SOUND notifications~ … just saw this

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p3ssimist_gΛming I’m still sorting through everything, thanks for finding that!

Spinalfailed slowly working on figuring out all the things.

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This site is great on mobile. If you create a shortcut to it on your phone’s home screen it basically feels like you’re using an app instead of a browser. FLAWLESS VICTORY!!!

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Is there a way to make the “unread” notification at the top not show up? or change it to not be for every single thread or something.

schlitty you can ignore threads

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ShiftySatchmo Its just a slight eyesore, but not enough of one to get me to go ignore every thread! Haha. I’ll learn to live with it, was just wondering as I didn’t notice a setting anywhere.

schlitty haha I mean the ones you aren’t into

I actually kinda like the unread. I use it rather than navigating through the discussion categories.

schlitty Yeah, if you go to categories and set it to Ignoring instead of watching, it will make it so you don’t get unread notifications.

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teh_g but you’ll still get notified on up votes and mentions at least

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teh_g That did the trick! Thanks.

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How can we put a pic as signature or whatever that is. Not that I’m going to use one right away but for future reference… :monkey:
Edit: haven’t used a forum since highschool so sorry :sheep:

BamBam Do you mean a banner with stats or a picture?! that thing below is such a stats banner… but usually you can insert them over HTML codes. teh_g Hmmm how about allowing HTML Code for that section? Because it works in posts, but not in the signature so far. as you can see.

MeFFFlenn I think it supports markdown, not sure. I try to avoid HTML since it has a lot more potential for exploits.