My provider f… something up really really bad yesterday my speed was over 50 mbps XD

ShiftySatchmo you really hate me dont you XD

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walruswitalys usually :wink:

walruswitalys at least you have a connection :joy:

Is this still real? Data caps are not exist in Hungary for at least 6-7-8 years.

buttstallion they exist here and are silly


I don’t have data cap… but last month my usage was over 2TBs thats like a record since i shared my wifi with few neighbors

walruswitalys Full hd porn is costly.

buttstallion I waste my internet mostly on games, documentary movies and sometimes stream with 0 views :smiley: Kodi is FTW sincei hate TV programs in my place

walruswitalys Kodi Stoped working for a few of us awhile back, so I switched to Showbox