Is it... Saturday yet?

According to Fedex my first package will arrive Saturday.

MSI RX 470 8gb Gaming X doesn’t she look beastly? She will be replacing my PowerColor R9 270X.

That will be a nice little upgrade.

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teh_g Yep… can’t wait for the new fans and the SeaSonic Semi Modular 650w 80+ Gold to arrive either but the GPU is the one im most excited for.

So you get an upgrade on MY birthday! How dare you :stuck_out_tongue: Honestly though, great upgrade my friend!


tat2teel Well Happy Early Birthday! This is only one part of a larger set of upgrades…

Still need to get the following.

240mm Liquid Cooler
Enthoo Pro ATX Case
2 140mm PWM Fans
and possibly Fan splitters

Think the case comes with built in spots for the extra fans though not sure.

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Nioce!!! I love the idea of a liquid cooler, but the concept that it could leak has terrified me and kept me from getting one lol. Great set of components though. Color me jelly!

tat2teel Been using a Seidon 120v for awhile now had very few issues but never a leak

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