Is there any way to change my PS Region?

for some reason my PS region by default india. and i cant find any old shop or anything from where i can buy PS Indian region wallet code…can anyone help me out :3

@Katsuo probably knows.

Can’t you just add wallet funds to your PSN account directly? Or do you not have a credit/debit card or PayPal account.

You have only 2 options. Get the Global wallet code from Amazon or stores like Amazon or use your credit card and buy it that way directly through PS Store. Even here in Germany, it’s extremely hard to find Global PSN cards. I had to make a completely new account just because I couldn’t find a global PS Plus card anywhere near me.

If you decide to buy it through PS Store directly, keep in mind that you need a credit card that’s in the same region as your PSN account. In your case, you need a Indian credit card since your acc is Indian.

i dont have credit/debit card. and we dont have paypal in our country. ya ya ik -_- @ShiftySatchmo

so tell me @Katsuo if i make another PS Account can i play all games in my both account? also what about the achievements ?

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Maybe something in here can help

You can play any game you have installed on ps4 on any account. For example, I have uncharted trilogy on my US account but I played it on my Croatian account. All because I had the trilogy installed on the ps4. The trophies won’t be transferred.

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I’ve heard you don’t even need to own the game. As long as it’s installed by someone you can play it.

Correct. Tested it myself.

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