I've never said this about a PSU before...

… but for a brick of black metal, damn this is sexy in the flesh! This was delivered for me the day after my birthday & is my own special gift to myself. Thanks to all those that had opinions & advice when I was looking at purchasing it; I regret nothing now that it is in my hands.

This will be going into a brand new build that I am sourcing parts for… on the cheap, but there are some items I know I don’t want to scrimp on & the PSU was one of them. Currently looking like the CPU will be another.

More photos of the PSU will come when I build up the PC, so you dirty pervs will have to wait until then to see more of her.

Sgt_T8ie EVGA is love <3


Modular power supplies are the best.


Sgt_T8ie nice :slight_smile: I’m glad you’re happy and you like it :slight_smile: … what i like most is this nice package :slight_smile: … bags for cables and power supply …