Just wondering Gtribe still active?

i had a good time there found many great gamer buddies including you and my best gamer and coop buddy @felogen
So i often miss those great days. so was just wondering is that place still alive?

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I doubt anyone here is using gtribe so we don’t really know if it is active or not. I don’t think it’s dead but I don’t think it’s “alive” either.

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If it were ever to be successful, you’d have heard about it from tech/game youtubers by now. Was just a cash grab preying on the high likelihood of gamers falling for shit monetization.


I agree. I haven’t heard about them ever since I left the site.

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I think I was banned I forget. Not even sure why haha. They went crazy when we started this site. Must have thought we were trying to be a competitor when really we just wanted to talk about gaming, which is what GT was supposed to be.

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I still have my account there and check from time to time for my Enos Tech Page. I don’t share much there but it has gone downhill massively. So much so that they have just given a Purple Tesla away to try and draw people in.

Same old story really, same people talking for the most part and new people there for giveaways lol.

Their new product is Beacon which is like Skype/Zoom apparently - Voice/Video call type thing.

So, in short. No one is missing anything and everyone is better off here :smiley:


I know exactly why I got banned. Because I was friends on there with @ShiftySatchmo so its his fault! hahaha

No really, the main reason is because I called ol’ Angel (or whatever his name was) out on several of his posts publicly. People that want to swindle other people don’t like it when you call their bluff and expose them.

I think its funny that they got so upset that we came here only because they forced us out, and here has become way better in the long run than this place we left, and the Exodus is actually functioning as the Tribe should have been.


My post was removed cause i wished everyone for my religious festival :3
i left right away i couldn’t take that tbh.

Honestly I’ve not heard tell of them outside of this forum.


Tbh I feel bad for any sponsors they swindle into funding the site. It’s a completely dead community, consisting mostly of people who are putting in the minimum effort possible to win something. At the same time I never would have met any of you without the site so there’s that.

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Wait…who are you again?

i totally agree. i have met many great gamer actual gamer buddies cause of GT. tbh thats why still its on my mind. thats the only reason

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I met quite a few good friends there and all of you as well. While I am the worst at keeping in touch, I am always around :smiley:

I still find it funny how it brought so many people together but never really took off.

Personally, I am waiting for one of these new Blockchain-based Social Media sites to get up and going… But that is a whole other conversation lol

Basically they said there’d be food, and there wasn’t any, so we left.

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I remember that some people really pissed me off there (other than Angel).
There were two sisters, Valceanu or something like that. Teodora Valceanu was especially annoying, but I don’t remember why. Does anyone remember them?

I think the trash started over the top contributors chart or something like that. If I remember correctly, all of us were on that chat, even me once or twice.

I was that guy on GT who was doing the bare minimum to get myself some free stuff. Worked splendidly since I won a HDD, back when they gave away the parts for a computer individually before just giving away a single pre-built. I also won a copy of Dragon Age Inquisition.

I remember them because they use to gobble up any free codes I tried giving away on the site.

Curse you for rolling off my joke! I won some stuff on there too. A case, a big mousepad, and some game I forget which.

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I got a weak power supply and some no name shitty android tablet lol

The site just started creeping me out with the weird cult “utopia” vibe. The vision being you can’t talk about your culture because it might “offend” someone. Not a fan of that direction. Anyway, I suppose that’s enough reminiscing for me.