Kai is da man!

I would like to thank Kai for his very generous move yesterday, gifting me a Steam Wallet Key that was an astounding amount of 50 euros! With that money, plus whatever little I had left aside I did a lot of sharing yesterday and today! Sorry if some folks from Exodus weren’t so lucky, but you know me, once I can, I will! And I won’t call it out every chance I get :wink:

Thanks Kai mate! I would post this yesterday, but I was really busy.

Kai is da MVP and so are you bro ! I am glad you made few people happy :smiley:

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I said to Kai that I love him and he said that he loves me too. ::))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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Wow, awesome generosity :open_mouth:

That’s awesome. Always liked Kai, even if he sucked at being a sniper in Dirty Bomb :wink: Good on both of you.

Yea Kai is a really good egg.