Katsuo - August Gamer Challenge

Finished Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Great game! I’ve spent 50ish hours playing the game and I’ve enjoyed every second playing it. TCGRW is definitely one of the best looking games out there. Bolivia looks amazing and Ubisoft did a great job designing all the stuff in Bolivia. The storyline is pretty cool. It’s nothing mindblowing but it’s definitely enjoyable. I also replayed the last mission which gets you the second ending which is, in my opinion, better than the true ending.
There are tons of weapons in the game that sound amazing. Every shot is just muy bien sound haha

BUT…TCGRW has flaws. Driving in Wildlands is just…insanely boring. And you will drive a lot in the game. I wish Ubi paid more attention to driving mechanics and made it a tad more interesting. Right now it’s just that stupid GTA driving that I really can’t stand. The variety of vehicles is also lame and they totally need to fix that if they ever release Wildlands 2.
The missions are repetitive. Main missions are cool and most of these missions are pretty interesting. But the side missions are just pure repetitive garbage that are more than annoying.
Exploration is pretty standard and I wish they added a bit more juice to it. Not really a flaw but can be boring if you had a longer session.
Bugs! Not in game but in the UPlay client. I didn’t get 2 actions and couple of achievement unlocked even though I’ve done everything in the game.

I rate TCGRW 7.5/10.

Finished Sundered. You like lovecraft and metroidvania? Then Sundered is for you. Beautiful game with some really fluid combat and OST. I’m absolutely stunned how good the game looks and works. Fantastic hand-drawn art and animations, extremely well made combat and skill system (the skill system kinda reminds me of Path of Exile grid system) and the music in the game is so relaxing and good.

BUT…the story in Sundered is almost non-existent. I literally have no idea how I got to the sanctuary, I have no idea who my character is and I have no idea why is everything happening whatever is happening. Also the procedural block level design is more frustrating than anything in the game. They could’ve spent more time designing these things and give the game a bit more umph. But then again, that would probably cost more, I guess.

Sundered is hella challenging. You will somehow manage to keep yourself alive in the first part of the game, where the hordes aren’t that nuts and freaking disgusting. The further you progress, both with your character and the level, the hordes will become more aggressive and they will increase in numbers. A LOT. And that is probably why the game can become more frustrating than fun. In the end, it all depends on how masochistic you are. If you are on the masochistic level as I am, you’ll probably want more of the horde rape. Also the boss fights are insane. And when I say insane, I reaaaaaaaaaaaally mean it.

I’ll give this game a 7.5/10. It’s a good game and I enjoyed it quite a bit. But I wish the devs worked more on the story or at least on the character. I will change the score if the other endings give more explanation who my character is and why the heck am I stuck in middle of nowhere and why everything wants to kill me.

Thank you teh_g for the game! <3

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katsuo Yessss. You beat i before me…

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teh_g Duuh…you were busy drinking pints of beer.

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katsuo said in Katsuo - August Gamer Challenge:

teh_g Duuh…you were busy drinking pints of beer.

I blame sYnCroSis, he makes me play other games.


teh_g and we just forced you to get hellblade


teh_g it’s true, but you love meeeee

All I wanted is someone to talk with me about Sundered. Ah well…