Katsuo - August Gamer Challenge

I have no idea where to start with this game. First of all, I’d like to thank ShiftySatchmo once again for the game. Right now, I can say that this game is my favorite game I’ve ever played. Yeah, I chose this game to be my favorite over all the Final Fantasy and Dark Souls games and well, I’ll try to explain it why.

This game is put nine years after the events of MGS: Ground Zeroes. Year 1984, Big Boss awakens from a coma and get his ass ready to rumble. That’s you all need to know for starters because everything else I say will be a spoiler.
The main reason why I really like this game is because it’s set in open world. You are literally free to decide how you are going to approach the enemy and you are also free to decide in what way are you going to execute him…or her. The amount of details that are put in this game is just unbelievable. The AI is surprisingly smart and believe it or not, these guys actually have eyes. So if you are spotted, you are so damn spotted XD
The storyline of this game is excellent. While the internet tells you the opposite of what I say, I can assure you, you will like the story of MGSV TPP.
This game is made from 2 chapters. The first chapter is how you are actually fighting the enemy and their fall and the second chapter is basically the clean up time. Yes, Konami told us that there will be Chapter 3 but it seems we will never see that one coming. The reason why the chapter 3 is needed is because there are a lot of stuff that aren’t told what happened to certain characters. The story just ended without explaining what happened to Eli or Quiet. Or the kids that went with Eli. BUT, there is an actual ending in this game. Namely, if you finish the game with all missions on S rank, you’ll get the cutscene where it will explain the “Truth” ending. And if you haven’t played other MGS games, you won’t understand it. So before you play MGSV TPP, make sure you play the other MGS games (Ground Zeroes included).

One thing that has to be said. The engine. Fox Engine is probably one of the best engines in gaming industry. This game is so damn well optimized that I ran this game at ultra settings without dropping a single frame. Constant 60 fps at all times. And I don’t even have a beast GPU. So that being said, a freaking potato can run this game. If only more developers would make a game that’s THIS optimized.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge arsenal of weapons, outfits and what not. There are over 300 weapons ready to be crafted. There are a ton of outfits also craftable for you and your buddies. You can even craft weapons for your helicopter. You can even customize the colour for the helicopter, tank or any type of vehicle you fulton extracted. It’s just beautiful.
And yeah, fulton extraction is a balloon thingy where you attach that thing on a thing so you can extract it to your mother base. Believe it or not, you can extract even animals. And trust me, the first thing you want to extract is a damn sheep. I literally laughed half an hour because of that.

While the main character is Big Boss, you are able to play with the characters you extracted. For example, if you extracted a combat unit (enemy), you can play with him after you finish your mission. Which is great. Every time you play with that random NPC, the dude gets some kind of experience and it will be easier for you to do the optional Dispatch missions that grant you a lot of goodies. But beware, if you are killed and abort the mission because you are killed with that random dude, you’ll lose him forever. So dying is a no.

Also, I have to say that my favorite character in this game (and probably my favorite of all female characters) is Quiet. I literally want to find a woman that will look at me like Quiet is looking at the Big Boss. Yeah, she looks like a freaking porn star but when I played with her, I dressed her up with the outfit I crafted. :slight_smile:

I’m extremely sad that I finished the game. I wish it could last a bit longer. But then again, I’m pretty sure that spending 218 hours for a game is enough.
So if you ever wish to play a game that has content and that has a nice but a lil bit depressing story, this game is for you. It’s 29.99 euros now and it’s worth every damn cent.


Finished Hard Reset on easy difficulty. This is such a horrible game with a great storyline XD


  • It’s a fast paced shooter
  • Comic cutscenes. Looks better than the gameplay itself
  • Interesting story. Nothing spectacular but it’s not bad
  • The soundtrack is cool. Old school rock/electro music.


  • The entire gameplay. I’ve never played a game where I was annoyed to shoot stuff.
  • Visuals. It’s too flashy. My head literally hurts while playing the game. Also, there is no epilepsy warning in the game. Fellas who have heart problems should probably never play this game.
  • Level designs are poorly made. Sometimes I got lost in middle of nothing just because I missed a pipe that’s not even visible.
  • Character/NPC (bosses and small enemies) design is horrible. I literally had no idea that I was fighting a boss in some levels. They look the same as the small mobs.
  • The ending. One of those games where the devs rushed the game just to finish it asap.
  • Hella short. Took me 5 hours to finish it. Probably would’ve finished it even faster if I haven’t been lost in game.

Overall score: 6.5/10
Will finish the achievements (Hard and Heroic difficulty) because they are easy.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt definitely deserved the title of GOTY 2015. Hell, I dare to say, it deserved the GOTY title in the last 5 years, at least. CDPR did such a great job with TW3 that I’m honestly amazed how much effort they’ve put into this game. Although the game is amazingly good, I have to say that it’s not my favorite game and I still like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain a bit more.

As everyone know, the main dude in The Witcher 3 is obviously Geralt. A fine old fella that decided to find a young lass named Ciri which was being hunted by the Wild Hunt. The Wild Hunt is nothing but a bunch of cold hearted wussies that just want to take Ciri and make kompot out of her so they can end the world. Clearly, Geralt doesn’t like kompot so he decided to find Ciri and put an end to the Wild Hunt. But of course, this game has more stories than just this one and that’s why this game is unbelievably, super duper cool.

I told you what the plot is about and I guess, I should go bit by bit and tell what the gameplay and the combat overall feels like. While the combat has considerably improved to the Witcher 2, I still have to say that it’s a bit clunky and kinda boring. While many of you might disagree with me, I wished that the game has a more “freely” approach to the combat system. I wish they’ve put a tiny bit more time into the combat and made it a bit fluid. Ciri’s combat is a masterpiece compared to Geralt’s, though. I mean, it’s far from being a bad combat system, I just wanted to be a bit more fluid. Just like in Dark Souls or any other similar RPG. They probably should add more combos or more moves or whatever. But I guess it’s too late for that now.

The world of TW3 is amazing, open, pretty and alive. And it might not be THE prettiest game of all, I’d say that’s definitely ranked in the top of 5. The first time I started the game, I was amazed how everything looked so colorful, vibrant and well, alive. While you are traveling around the world, the environment speaks to you, it’s changing, just like in real life and I really can’t find more words to describe how everything amazing is.

I also must say that the sound effects in this game are just top notch. When it’s a sunny day outside, you can hear birds doing their nonsense job of singing or whatever, when it’s dark-ish and cloudy, you can hear the wind whooshing all the way around you and it just literally gives you that feel of cold, shivering, breezy, whatever thing. It’s amazing!
Also the music is amaaaaaaazing as well. It’s recognizable and I’ve never been bored listening to it over and over again. I love it!

Every single character has it’s own personality, story and look. And, it’s mindblowing. You could literally feel the love between Yen and Geralt. You could literally feel that one-sided love from Triss towards Geralt. You could also feel that…okay, you better not feel how horny Keira was when she saw Geralt. Dandelion, Zoltan, Ves, Roche, Dijkstra, everyone has a different view of how the world works. And what’s better, you interact with that world like YOU are living in it.

While all the stuff were perfect, I have to say that I found a lot of stuff that was kinda annoying in the game. I understand it’s a huge open world with rich storyline and all that, but I wish the devs had invested more time into the technicalities. The Witcher 3 has A TON of bugs and glitches. These are not game breaking but I got quite a few times annoyed because of these. I almost lost my save files because of the glitches. Texture clipping, falling through the floor, animations freeze and what not. As I said, it’s nothing horrible but I wish they’ve worked on it a bit more.
Also, the horse in the game is abnormally stupid and freakingly annoying. It’s so slow, stupid and there where times when I call the horse, the horse literally impaled itself on a tree or even worse, on a travel post. And all you can do is restart the game. I’ve spent more time traveling on foot than with the horse because it’s just stupid. Also I didn’t like how some of the crucial characters disappeared in the end game. What happened to them? Are they dead or what? They could’ve just write one sentence about them and I’d be satisfied.

So to TL;DR it…


  • Amazing world, amazing characters
  • One of the best soundtracks in gaming industry
  • The storyline is superb
  • Tons of quests and side stories that interact with the main story


  • Stupid horse
  • Insanely easy game on Death March difficulty
  • Tons of bugs and glitches (not gamebreaking, might be annoying, might be not for some of you)
  • The combat is rather boring and could’ve used more combos or at least to be more fluid
  • Steam achievements are tied to the DLCs. Can’t 100% it without them. Not the game’s fault, though.

Overal score: 10/10
With some little flaws, I’d say that this game is worth $300. Tons of stuff to do and you can easily get addicted to the game.