Katsuo - December Gamer Challenge

Finished Valkyria Chronicles. 8/10

Excellent strategy/turn-based JRPG made and published by SEGA. Storyline is nice, sometimes dark and sometimes filled with emotions and a lil bit of romance. Wasn’t bored of it not even a second.
The game can be quite challenging and the battle feels like you are in real war (the game is in some kind of world war theme).
I definitely recommend it if you like turn based JRPG games. Definitely worth spending money and time on it.

I wish Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3 were released for PC though :frowning:

Katsuo Played the dirty copy, but not the enitre game. I was bored sometimes, but a good game, great concept. 7/10 for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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ButtStallion The skirmishes are insanely boring but they provide a good amount of SC to upgrade your weapons aaaaaaand you get a nice XP boost to level up your squad! Probably that’s the reason why you were bored XD
But yeah, good game is a good game haha

ButtStallion said in Katsuo - December Gamer Challenge:

Katsuo Played the dirty copy, but not the enitre game. I was bored sometimes, but a good game, great concept. 7/10 for me :stuck_out_tongue:

7/10 on the GX scale is a very very good score.


Finished Just Cause 2 on extreme difficulty. 2/10 - Won’t even review this…whatever this is. It’s a game only for those that don’t care about story in the game, who don’t care who and what your character is and who only cares about repetitive challenge missions and explosions. Finishing the achievements with trainer on and after that I’ll uninstall the game and forget about it completely.


Katsuo 2 — This is bad, I am only playing out of sheer desire to finish a game.


ShiftySatchmo Exactly. The only reason why I played the game is just to finish the achievements and increase the achievement ratio. Otherwise, I would give it a 1/10 XD

I finished another one. This one is a game that I can’t recommend to anyone. Not because it’s bad, it’s because it’s nasty as hell. I finished Huniepop. I usually was making jokes with Huniepop because that game was filled with ecchi/hentai scenes. Well, that’s what I heard. So I decided to try the game out and to see how nasty the game is. Well, if the scale was 1-10, I would give it 500.
Basically the game is a dating simulator where you finish puzzles in order to sleep with girls. If you sleep with all the girls you can, the end game “boss” is Venus and she’ll test your skills in few ways. If you manage to please her, you get to sleep with her as well and you manage to get her panties as a trophy. There are no sex scenes in the game but there are some nasty pictures of a girl being horny and what not.
Honestly, I hope I will never ever play a game like this. XD

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Finished Mad Max. Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed with this one. From the trailers, screenshots and reviews, I was convinced that the game is something fresh and something well made but unfortunately, for me, it’s not. I’ll try to explain why the game felt “off” for me.

First, I have to say that the game is extremely well optimized. My PC isn’t a beast or anything similar and yet it could run the game on highest settings 60fps without sweat. So good job Avalanche!
Second, the game is visually really good. I mean, the entire game is nothing but desert and scrap but damn, the desert looks really good haha
Third, MM is insaaaaaaaaanely repetitive. Everything you’ve done in the first 10 minutes in the game, you’ll be doing it the rest of the game over and over again. Lower the threat around the stronghold, kill snipers, conquer enemy strongholds and do it 50 more times. I mean, cmon at least they could’ve added some more fillers or story related content or I don’t know, something (!?!?!).
This is why I really hate games like these because they are so poor with content. I ended up using trainers to finish the game faster because it really REALLY REAAAAAAAALLY sucks to do the same things over and over again.
Fourth, OST??? Where is it? Did they forget to make it? Or is it the valve clucking mashing thingy thing actually music in the game? Whatever THAT is, it’s bad. Real bad.
Fifth, for the love of god, developers, PLEASE, open your stupid eyes and LOOK what From Software has been doing with Dark Souls. IF THE PLAYER BEATS A STRONG OPPONENT, REWARD THE DAMN PLAYER WITH SOMETHING. Just give him a weapon, a hot pin-up model sticker, a playboy GIF or anything. Reward him. Make the player feel like he accomplished something in the game. Mad Max has 0 reward system. 0! Whatever you beat, conquer or kill, you won’t get anything except scrap which will be useless in some point in the game.

I’ve told Andrew that I rated this game 5/10 and now that I’ve written this little review of mine, I decided to make the final score 4/10 on the GX scale.
4 — Not bad, but definitely wouldn’t be my first choice.

The game is not bad. It’s playable. But, I’m pretty sure I would never even think about installing and replaying the game again.


Already? No comment :smiley:

ButtStallion It’s not a long game. 15 hours - normal play. I was playing with cheats so it was hella faster XD

Katsuo I noticed the cheated achievements noob.

Katsuo Playing with cheats … you lost my respect man …


PeaceLeon I used to it, Katsuo is not a real gamer, leave him. :smiley:

When they start making games that are actually good, I’ll play it without cheats. Until then, trainers download commenceeeeeeeeeeee

Katsuo Sorry I had to downvote that one :smiley:

ButtStallion Oh no, you hurt mah feelings, man

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Katsuo <3 as always

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ButtStallion :gift_heart:

You cheated achievements?! Your completionist street credit took a big hit today. Now I’ll never trust that you got 100% in anything!