Katsuo - October Gamer Challenge

Beat Dark Souls III, 4 times. Got all 4 endings. Every single ending is a masterpiece. Every single thing in this game is a masterpiece. Definitely GOTY 2016 for me. As much as I loved Demon Souls and the first Dark Souls, Dark Souls 3 is a bit better in my opinion than both of em. Everything is so smooth and pgojpdjsgopsd I LOVE IT! I recommend it to everyone even if you aren’t a fan of dark fantasy RPGs. Dark Souls 3…hell, the entire series is something that everyone should experience in their livesssssssssssssssssssss!!!1111111111111

Finished Quantum Break. 2 times (Hard and Normal difficulty). Collected everything, triggered every Quantum Ripple and did every choice in the game. I seriously don’t understand why this game isn’t more popular. It’s freaking amazing. Acting, animations, gameplay, visuals. Everything is top notch. I definitely recommend it to everyone. It isn’t long so you can finish the game in 16-20 hours with both choices. The only thing I didn’t like is that the game is demanding as hell. My GPU was literally dying :grin:
But nevermind, ~35fps is pretty decent for me. I played on worse framerate xD

Oh and one thing. The Steam version of the game doesn’t come with the HD episodes. Episodes are being streamed so if you have a slow connection (like me), the episodes will be played on 480p quality and for those that have fast internet connection, the episodes will come in HD quality. For now, only the Windows Store Quantum Break is with the HD episodes to download and the game size is around ~120GBs (Steam version ~70GBs). So keep that mind if you plan on buying the game.

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Finished Zeno Clash 2 twice on the same difficulty. (Normal)
Reason for that is because I missed an achievement in mid game.
This game is probably one of the worst games I’ve ever played. If there weren’t for the achievements, I would delete this game from my library permanently.
ZC2 doesn’t make any sense. The entire game is just made to burn your nerves in your body and that’s all. Visuals are horrible for a 2013 game. Soundtrack, voice acting, gameplay. Everything is simply horrible. -500/10


I’m failing hard this month. I keep switching to different games before finishing anything.

MyLifeForAiur I’m in some kind of hardcore achievement hunting mode this month. My body hurts :’(

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Katsuo Mind over matter.

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Do you have a time machine or just not sleeping?


ButtStallion Maybe both? Who knowsssssss

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I replayed Hard Reset on Insane difficulty and got the achievements. I also finished Rise of the Tomb Raider on some unknown difficulty (have to check that one out) and will be doing the rest of the achievements. I hate Hard Reset. I died at least 5000 times in that game. It’s a freaking 6 hours game and I spent 20 hours just grinding the achievements. NO! I will never replay the game again


Finished Tales of Zestiria on Normal. It’s kinda hard to review a game that is more complicated than life itself. I like it hella lot but I also dislike it because it has some flaws that are kinda making my blood boil. Tales of Zestiria has a great storyline. It’s quite fun to follow it and it’s unpredictable, which is nice of course. The story itself is a 10/10 from me. But what’s even more impressive is the freaking soundtrack and the animations in the game. I’ve been so much enjoying the freaking music in the game. I’ve even spent countless of hours just listening to music on youtube because it’s so damn beautiful. Especially the intro. That intro is a masterpiece. Also the animations and the drawings, sheesh, they’ve spent ton of $$$ into that one, that’s for sure. I’ve never seen such animations in a anime game. Hell, I’ve never seen it in anime as well. It’s so clear and smooth and polished that I can’t wait to see the anime series. The voice acting is also extremely well done and they’ve put really some hard time into that one as well.
BUT…yeah, there is a but(t), there are some huge flaws that makes the game lose quite points in the last verdict.

  • 30 fps lock
  • Absolute trash combat system
  • Absolute trash exploration thing in the game
  • Equipment doesn’t change the character’s appearance
  • Puzzles are stupid as hell
  • Achievements are ridiculous…Have to finish the game 5 times on Hard difficulty in order to 100% it

I usually don’t mind the 30 fps lock in games. Especially when it’s a JRPG. But this game. My god, my eyes were dying while playing this game. I understand that they wanted to make the cinematic anime feel and all that but that wasn’t working at all. That lock made the game stuttery and all jittery and paodjgpodj. Every time you move the camera, I had a feeling the world around me moved upside down. It’s just garbage and I wish they didn’t locked it up.

The combat system. Imagine worst game with a horrible combat system. Well, Tales of Zestiria is even worse than that. It’s a mixture of a action based combat mechanics with some “I-dont-know-what-the-hell-I-am-doing-with-my-life” combat system. It just doesn’t make any sense. The responsiveness is shit. Basically you can press circle like an idiot, the character will do completely other thing like blocking or arte attack or whatever. There is some kind of stamina thing that drains every time you attack (something like in Dark Souls but 2395720395 worse) and bascially if you are out that nonsense, you aren’t able to attack for few seconds. I guess they wanted it to feel like a turn-based combat but well, it wasn’t.
The only bright side from this combat are the ultimates you do when you armatize. The cutscenes are well done. But in order to achieve that, you basically have to mash every single button on your controller and eventually smash the controller on the neighbors house and buy another one in order to make the ultimate work. Combat 0/10, like seriously, kill me.

Exploration system is also garbage. I mean, dude, picking up weed and cookies from treasure chests and clicking X to see a monolith?! That’s exploration!? There are around 100 of those and you gain absolutely nothing from them. Well, 2 or 3 achievements maybe. But that’s about it. For a open world game, you would expect a game with tons of stuff to explore and find and whatnot, but nooo, in Tales of Zestiria you’ll see a stupid monolith in front of your face, click on it and move on like it never existed and you won’t even gain anything from it. Exploration in ToS, kill yourself.

Also, all the weapons, all the armor and whatever are those earrings, boots and nonsense like that, work like crap. You gain somewhat attack boosts and stuff like that but none of that matters if you are overleveled from your nonstop grinding of useless NPCs. Basically I could finish the game naked and do 2 ultimate attacks on the boss and that’s it. 0 challenge.

Despite all the flaws, I rate this game 8/10 because it’s a damn good story to follow. It keeps you hooked and I haven’t felt bored not even a second. Hell, I even wanted to cry a few times because of sad scenes that happened. It’s almost like you paid 30 euros to watch anime on Steam.
I recommend this game to anyone who’s into anime world.

The intro song with vocals:

The intro song without vocals:

Katsuo I have this game and need to play it somedayyyyy. So the only plus stuff has nothing to do with it being a game?

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ShiftySatchmo That’s correct. There are some side quests that are fun to do in order to gain more info about every character. So I guess you play the game a little :grin:
You might like the combat if you like button mashing and not caring about anything else haha
What you won’t like it’s the 30+ hours content that the game has. It took me 35 hours to complete the game with some side quests.

Katsuo how does the combat compare to tales of Symphonia?

ShiftySatchmo It’s pretty much the same. But in Tales of Symphonia you have a better view on your enemies and it’s a bit more fluid.

So more a strategy of timing and what items you use than actual combat. I’m OK with that. I mean heck I love FF VIII and you just pick a move from a list haha

ShiftySatchmo And you just reminded me to play FF8. I’m gonna run it in a bitttttttt. Need them achievementsss

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