Katsuo - September Gamer Challenge

First, I’d like to thank PeaceLeon for this amazing game! Now I wish you to order a white noblechair to match the Mirror’s Edge theme!

Second, I’d like to say that I finished Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst for the September Gamer Challenge. And I freaking enjoyed it. This game is absolutely beautiful and the devs crafted it so good! I honestly can’t see why the game received such bad critics. Some are saying that the storyline is completely “seen” and that the gameplay mechanics are clunky and whatnot. These people who are saying that kind of nonsense are usually the ones that like to hate games. And believe me, these people are currently the majority. Sad but true. Don’t listen to critics and don’t read the reviews. They are usually nonsense.

I believe a lot of you played the first Mirror’s Edge and I also believe a lot of you enjoyed it. Well, Catalyst is basically same as the first one, only better looking with better combat system and more stuff to do in the game. And not only that, it’s pretty much open “world”. Well, it’s not world, you are basically running through one city called Glass.

The main character, just like in the previous game, is Faith. You know she’s a runner and what she’s fighting for and against. And this time it’s no different. Kruger Sec is a conglomerate that aims to basically control every human being with a technology called Reflection. Faith and her fellow runners are trying to stop their plans and put the world into peace again.

Literally the only thing I don’t like in this game is that the story is short. I finished the game in 8 hours and I weren’t even rushing it. Luckily, to justify it’s price, there are tons of side missions and challenges to do in order to enhance Faith’s abilities so you can make the combat easier.
Everything else is simply top notch. The graphics are amazing, the cutscenes are beautiful and this game really feels like a good parkour action movie.
I tried the game with controller and keyboard + mouse and I have to say, it’s extremely easy to play with either of them. Everything was smooth and you can literally “feel” like you are running in the game.
I also like that the combat is quite challenging. The Sentinels (high trained unit) can bring you quite a punch.

There is a thing that I really liked in the game. And that’s the variety in how do you want to complete a run or a mission. Yes, there is that red floating thingy that indicates where you are supposed to run but that doesn’t mean you have to follow it. IF you learn the map of the city, you can easily get to one place to another faster without even following that red trail. And I find that really refreshing.
I find the game a bit overpriced because it’s not offering 100+ hours of playtime. So if it ever goes to sale, I’d recommend you to pick it up. I think 40 euros price tag would suit a bit better for this game.

To TL;DR it


  • Amazing visuals
  • Amazing cutscenes
  • Amazing world and character design
  • Combat is fluid and feels real
  • Parkour running thing feels really smooth
  • Level and mission design is well made
  • Extremely good soundtrack. One of the best I’ve ever heard. (listen to the ending soundtrack above)
  • Voice acting is superb
  • Mirror’s Edge Exordium (comic to explain what happened to Faith before the beginning of the game)


  • Main story is too short
  • The price is a bit high for an 30 hours game (8 hours main story)

Overall score: 9/10
Definitely recommending it to everyone who wants to relax and have some fun rather than trying to survive that snipefest in Bugfield 1.

I want to 360 no scope you in bugfield 1 XD

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Arsononion With the fps you have in game, you couldn’t even 3.60 scope me in Bugfield 1. xD

Katsuo Not everyone is rich enough to play all the games in 60 fps ultra hd and stuff XD

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Arsononion I’m pretty sure you aren’t talking about me xD

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I’m usually not a huge fan of rogue-like games at all. But One Way Heroics is an exception. The game is made by a small team called Smoking WOLF. They made games like Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae (which I 100%'d a long time ago), Asterbreed (100% as well), Unholy Heights, Momodora and many more.
Basically what you do in game is traveling around the world and facing the Demon Lord (which is btw a super hot 2D waifu) and well, you have to beat her. The tricky part is that the Demon Lord devours everything with every move you make in the game. So if you attack twice or 3 times, a part of the world will be devoured.
Now, when you start the game, you’ll have to make a new character. With that character you’ll pretty much change around 93125789385 times the classes in order to reach every single ending. Yeah, OWH has tons of classes and endings and I have to say, the storyline is amazing.
For a 50MB game, I’ve never seen a world as big as it is in OWH. You can travel anywhere (except going left because you know, left is death), fight any type of monster and interact with anyone. And I really like it!
If I had to describe the genre, I’d say it’s a mixture of rogue-like, turn based JRPG that is set into a 2D Anime world. And I dare to say, it’s really challenging. Every time you die (and you’ll die a lot at the beginning), you’ll enter into some kind of Dimensional World where you can upgrade your weapon, skills, armor and stuff. When you upgrade everything you need, you are starting over and basically repeating everything except you are way stronger than before. I literally remembered the map and I literally know where the monsters are spawning because I backtracked the game about 200 times. While that to someone can be annyoing, I find it extremely challenging and interesting.
The art in this game is pretty much Chrono Trigger-like and when you play the game, you’ll actually feel the Chrono Triggerness (dafuq is dat word). The soundtrack in OWH is meh. They could’ve done that a little better. But that’s just my horrible taste in music so it doesn’t matter

I’m recommending it to anyone who likes challenging 2D extremely pixelated 4:3 aspect ratio games xD
8/10 is my final score of this one. Great game! There will be an actual sequel sometime in September.


Sick BF1 burn!!

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Finished Dark Souls 2 (the original one). Without the DLCs.

We all know what Dark Souls is and how hard is it to actually understand the lore of all three games and to beat these games. Most of you didn’t even know that these games have a MASSIVE storyline and questline. The thing is that in Dark Souls games, there is no direct telling how the story works. It’s not a movie-like game like Witcher 3 or Bioshock where the game basically tells you everything what’s happening and what you need to do in order to conclude the storyline. All these games from FROM Software have a unique way of telling you the lore and it literally forces you to read the lore of every character in order to understand anything. And that is why the SoulsBorne games shine and that is why these games are one of the best games ever made.

Dark Souls 2 is set in a world of despair and darkness. In a world where humans lost their will to live and turned into mindless creatures called Hollows. Just like in the first Dark Souls, humans lost their path of life and turned their bodies into a empty shell. Only a few remained somewhat sane and these guys are searching a place for better living. Just like in every Dark Souls games, you are one of the sane humans that has no name, no memories of his/her past and no true desire of anything. But one thing drives you forward and that is the throne of Drangleic.

I told you the main plot, so in order to skip spoiling everything else, I’ll compare Dark Souls 2 to Dark Souls 1 in terms of gameplay, visuals and actual level progression.
First, Dark Souls 2 compared to Dark Souls 1 is utter and complete garbage. While I may sound harsh, that is the truth. Also, that doesn’t mean that the game is bad or anything similar. Dark Souls 2 is probably one of the best RPG games I’ve played but it’s significantly less impressive to Dark Souls 1. Why is that?
Well, the reason is mainly the level progression and the actual difficulty of the game. Note that I’m talking about the original Dark Souls 2 and not the updated version “Scholar of the First Sin”.
Dark Souls 2 is poor when it comes to level progression. It’s insanely linear and the levels are either poorly designed or they took some stuff from Dark Souls 1, which means that these writers and designers had less inspiration to make something new. It’s not a huge problem and a lot of Dark Souls fans won’t even complain about it but w/e.
The difficulty of the game is nowhere near Dark Souls 1, 3, Bloodborne and Demon Souls. The game is probably easier than The Witcher 3 on Easy. The enemies are dumb, slow and the hitbox is extremely wide when using greatswords. Basically you can hit an enemy with the greatsword from 3589238593 miles. Not only that, the enemies deal 0 damage. I stopped leveling up my Vigor points because the enemies can’t even kill me when I’m standing in one place and doing nothing. And I find that a huge minus.

The visuals haven’t been improved at all from the first Dark Souls or Demon Souls. It’s still garbage and it still has a nasty color pattern that is just disgusting. But then again, Dark Souls isn’t known for it’s visuals so I don’t care about it either.
The sound effects are crap as well. They’ve put 0 effort into sound effects. It’s disgusting. Even 96kbps music sounds better than the sound effects in Dark Souls 2. But the music is quite good, I have to admit. I think I like the music more than in Dark Souls 1.

The combat system is significantly improved and it’s hella smooth compared to Dark Souls 1. Every attack is responsive, every dodging/rolling is smooth and responsive, it’s beautiful when you parry an attack and even the running animations are definitely better.
The enemy design and variety is also better and they actually don’t look like big pile of crap. That’s a nice change!

While the game has a lot of flaws, I can’t simply deny that the game has an absolutely beautiful storyline. Everything is so well told, every character has it’s own storyline and I like it a lot. I liked the mini flashback moments when you did the questline for the Moonlight Sword. It’s so well packed and that’s why I’m giving this game a high score of 8/10. So if you planned on playing Dark Souls 2, I’d say go for it. You won’t be disappointed!

I’ll be playing the DLCs later on. Some reviews said that the DLCs make the game even better and I decided to believe that since Dark Souls 1 had an excellent DLC storyline and I find it better than the main game.


Replayed Shadow Warrior on Heroic difficulty and finished the achievements. All I can say about this game is that it’s extremely stupid but it’s extremely fun. The story is so generic and seen but the gameplay is what makes Shadow Warrior a great game. Graphically it’s just a pile of everything mashed into one place. You can see blood and sakura petals everywhere. Bones and bodies are all over the place and nothing in the game makes any sense. And yet, it’s amazing XD
If you want a game just to erase some time from existence, Shadow Warrior is that game. You can finish the storyline in about 7-8 hours. It’s definitely worth the $3.50. (on sale of course)

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Katsuo um…cut it out. Go play outside!


ShiftySatchmo Will do! After I finish my backlog hihi


Finished Final Fantasy X. I’m not going to review it. Not going to say a thing about the game. But I’ll tell you one thing. I’ve never cried this much before. I, a man, with the height of 190cm and 90kgs weight, cried like a baby because she told him that she loves him. That scene…damn it. I should stop playing games.
Do me a favor and buy this game and play it. Trust me, if this game isn’t a masterpiece, I don’t know what is.

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Katsuo Dude you have to see the alternate ending, look into it :smiley:

Only0neKnight said in Katsuo - September Gamer Challenge:

Katsuo Dude you have to see the alternate ending, look into it :smiley:

You probably meant the Eternal Calm scene. That’s not an ending. It’s a scene for the sequel Final Fantasy X-2. A cutscene to connect FFX and FFX-2. Already saw it. Final Fantasy X-2 has 2 endings though. I haven’t finished that one yet.

Katsuo be all like


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ShiftySatchmo said in Katsuo - September Gamer Challenge:

Katsuo be all like

Yea I’m all senpai teaching mode!

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Finished Final Fantasy X-2 and Final Fantasy X-2 Final Mission.

A lot of people who played FFX-2 would say that the sequel is girly, boring, bad, blablabla. I have to disagree with them. FFX-2 is hella different than FFX. It’s a lot more bright, happier version of FFX. FFX is packed with drama and depression and you can kinda feel it while playing. And I think it was a right choice to put FFX-2 in the happy mode because it is after all put in a time when Eternal Calm came and where the whole Spira was happy and where they found peace. It’s true that FFX-2 is a lot shorter and it isn’t as good as FFX but that doesn’t mean that FFX-2 is a bad game. I’d say that the game has a much better combat system and I kinda like that you can move the characters freely than in FFX. The cutscenes are more frequent but they don’t last long and they “connect” you instantly to the game after the cutscene is done. It’s definitely improved compared to FFX gameplay-wise. The storyline isn’t bad either. I find it interesting how they made 2 different endings and each ending will tell you A LOT about well, real life. The music in the game is amazing. I find the part where Yuna and Lenne were singing on the ship, really awesome and I really liked that song.
I don’t know, FFX and FFX-2 are games that are done right and they are worth more than the price is on Steam.
A huge con is that Final Mission. That is pretty much the worst game I played. Climbing 80 floors so you can see a shitty ending? Sorry but I’ll forget that I invested a few hours on that one. All in all, I definitely enjoyed the game and I feel like I could replay these games one more time. Apparently, 140 hours weren’t enough for me haha
I’d say get the games and sit back and let the hours sinkkkkk