Killzone Shadow Fail

Finished this one. It’s one of the worst games I’ve ever played. Literally shit game. The story is boring, rushed, makes no sense, trash. Characters are the most boring bunch of pixels I’ve ever had a chance to see. They’re completely unlikable so that one’s shit too. Music is ultra garbage and the audio design is complete turd too. Voice acting is like they asked pornstars to do the voice acting for their game. Not to mention the amount of bugs it has. It’s almost like it’s made directly from Todd Howard’s ass. There are 2 things that are good. Visually the game is really nice. I liked how detailed it is considering it came out 2013 or so. Gunplay is solid too and that’s probably the only reason why I finished the game.
The biggest crap in this game is the level design. It’s made by someone who played Super Mario inverted with his eyes blindfolded while being slapped with the biggest dildo 24/7 during the entire development process. Just how hard it is to make a decent level?

In no way I’m recommending this to you. Don’t even try to spend the $4 on it. Better buy yourself a pizza or something. Killzone Shadow Fall is a waste of time. 2/10


So you’re telling me I should play it?

If you hate yourself, yess

I’ve never enjoyed any of the killzone games I’ve played to be honest. Always felt like the franchise was overrated. Then they turned around and made Horizon zero dawn which is a lot of fun.

I think the only one I liked a little was mercenaries on Vita

I’m gonna try mercenaries on the vita just so I can see how trash it is compared to shadow fall. I’m not a fan of horizon zero dawn but it’s waaaaaaaay more enjoyable than killzone. Killzone should stay in the killzone… Killed.

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In the zone

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