Knights Of The Old Republic

Just when I started another rerun. Guess I will wait a bit.

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Not if ea shows restraint like they did with Fallen Order.

If they remake the original game and it’s just prettier I’d play it.

I never played kotor soooo can’t wait

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By the time I heard of it, it looked too dated (2003) so I marked as ignore. I’ll give the new one a go though.

I played it when it came out. At the time it was one of my favorite games and I beat it 4 times on original Xbox. I think if I went to play it now I would be bored because it is dated in terms of gameplay. Great story and characters though.

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I tried to play it three times over the years and never got far. I think I just played the card game at the bar mostly. I remember getting to the sewers or something one time.

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Played 1&2 loved them both, was sad when the Remake in a new engine by another company was shutdown cause it looked so much better. Hopefully this remake will make it look just as good as it could have been.

I wonder if it will use some of the stuff from the fan patches.

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Lets also hope they use Unreal Engine 4 like Apeiron was doing before Lucas Films shut them down.