Kuzu no Honkai

This is not a review of it. However, I want to talk about this wonderful series that completely took me by surprise.

You can check my video in my channel for the first impression I got from it, but I want to write this before the end of the series.

Kuzu no Honkai manages to be realistic in many things, something that is completely lacking from most drama anime. In fact, I could RELATE to lots of the situations and circumstances I saw. This is a proper teenager school kid drama that includes scum people, hence the title (kuzu) The relationships are complex and this anime doesn’t shy from showing intimate scenes, quite lengthy as well, while never being explicit.

The story and character development is something I enjoy thoroughly and Kuzu no Honkai delivers. The atmosphere of the series, how it’s presented, how it progresses, through the soundtrack and awkward silences makes an experience that I find enthralling. Furthermore, I find that Kuzu no Honkai goes on unexpected routes for an anime, but quite common they can be found in real life.

Spoiler alert below this line.

I expect two endings from this. Either Mugi and Hanabi will end up together despite them saying they won’t, since they have so much in common and they show all their sides to each other, or else they will both leave town in search for a new life once they grow up a bit.

What do you guys think?