Lets see if this helps.

Ordered these cause my wifi sucks ass and my HDMI Cable I have now for my ps4 pro seems not to be strong enough on my 4k TV.


Edited: Fixed picture cause I had to reorder, but the cables came in today the rest will be here saturday.


Wired is always significantly better than wireless.

If you ever need more CAT6 cables, I exclusively buy these ones now: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00E5I7WBS

They are great.


TP-Link > Netgear

Never had issues with Netgear, and it was cheap :slight_smile:

My main line I run to my bedroom is Cat6 and the two extra 6ft ones I bought recently are cat6 got decent deals all around. :slight_smile: And yes I figured hardwire would be best considering I also got that HDMI 2.1 cable coming and compared to the one I have which is HDMI 2.0 that will help alot with the extra speed boost between my Vizio 4k TV and my Ps4 Pro.

Wish I could say the same. I have a small IDF in my office which was packed with netgear switches and I get nothing but inconsistent speeds from them. Ended up yelling at my manager to swap those with Cisco’s switches and I was mindblown. Maybe I had some faulty Netgear equipment or something but I had more trouble than anything with Netgear. At home I have 2 Gigabit TP-Link switches and they’re good, not even expensive. I hope your Netgear won’t fuck up :grin:

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On a side note I forgot to update this, I had to reorder cause my credit card got denied… I realized just now I unconciously bought TP-Link lol.

@Katsuo This TP-Link is darn good, 300Mb/ps on my Ps4 and nearly the full 1Gb/ps on my PC!

If only PSN speeds stop sucking donkeys balls, that would be nice.

Well considering before this I was getting maybe 20-30Mb/ps downloads on a gigabit line over wifi this atleast has helped! And with this HDMI 2.1 4K HDR10 gaming has become alot better!

PS4 is stupid, it has a horrible network stack. Setting up a proxy locally makes it better.

I have been considering that and looking for a free proxy to do so just not sure how all that works as I never used a proxy before

No no no, a proxy over the wire isn’t what you’d want. You need to setup a local machine that runs something like Squid.

It probably isn’t that worth while.

Sounds complicated and your probally right lol

Nah, rarely buy games digitally on the PS4 so setting up a proxy isn’t that needed. Plus PS5 is coming out soon and I doubt it’ll have shitty speeds like the PS4.

Hope Ps5 has great speeds, I plan to get one asap.

It just depends on if they use the same network stack. It is an OS problem and not a hardware problem.

The gist of it is that the OS is not waiting a long enough time for the large packet size PS4 expects. This causes timeouts and the speed negotiation to go down. Using a local proxy tricks it since your internets can handle the speed, then the PS4 won’t time out waiting for a reply from the proxy. That is super boiled down and kind of inaccurate, but it is the general idea of why the proxy helps a smidgen.

Ultimately being wired helps more than the proxy overall, but both helps.