LGA 1151 Bent pins


I have a mobo that had really horrific bent pins. Straightened them nicely for the most part and believed it was good enough to test. I got the system to post first time with one RAM stick and CPU only.

NO GPU or anything unnecessary for a post. So to simplify the question I will refer to the RAM slots as 1,2,3&4 (A1,A2,B1 &B2 respectively). The norm being with two ram sticks A2&B2.

So it boots on a single Ram stick on 1 & 2 and two sticks boot in 1&2 together only.
SLots 3 &4 have no joy.

I would like to know if anyone out the has a LGA1151 socket pin map/diagram (ballout diagram) to determine if it is the pins I need to refocus my attention or the board.

Pretty please.

Trainsmash said in /404:

LGA1151 socket pin map/diagram (ballout diagram)
for socket 1151 will be hard to find … but try to check her in this documentation …


pin layouts of LGA 1155 …

Not exactly what was asked for but I found this, check out pages 29 onwards for the tolerances for QA on the pins:

For 1150 pg 108 has the pin side config & then the matching CPU contact in tables. Talk is that 1150 matches 1151, but that’s all it is - talk. Take away from that what you will… eitehr it’s correct & that’s why there’s no info or it’s inbcorrect & Intel sn’t releasing that info anymore.

Thanx for the response.

While I was pondering this and awaiting responses I decided to do simple things to check the problem. Turns out re-seating the CPU worked a treat.

All variations of RAM positions work and posted every time. I have stress testing with Cinebench, Unigine Valley & 3DMark. Going well.

Simple things hey.