Logitech G27 F1 2013 Win 10 issue

schlitty Issues using G27. Playing F1 2013 and when gaining spped the forcefeed back pull wheel to the left (or Right) like wheel alignment is out. I then have to fight it for a while and it may snap to center. At first I thought it was the weight of aero being simulated, but then I realised that it makes no sense. I should be able o leave the wheel down the straight. Have you has this issue.

I seem to be fighting the damn wheel more than concentrating on breaking point

I have not used your guide yet, but am certainly considering it.

Interesting, I have no problem with my wheel. I turned down the force feedback a little but it has very hard to corner if you are using the kerbs. Settings reset? Or there are some very great wheel setting options out there for every type of wheel.

so this is an example: https://youtu.be/kcIEg7TNr8E Just watch the wheel on the straights and then check my inputs. Very distracting.

Went to Schillty’s Profiler settings and that made driving manageable. Good actually

Edit: wrong video. this was after the change. The effect is still there though, just not as distracting for me

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So in this vid. 1st lap down Kemmel Straight, check the wheel go left and right. All I am doing is correcting, not steering erratically.

So is everything under control or still issues? Did it feel more like it was pulling the wheel away from you and center, or did it feel like it was trying to center over and over?

I can reinstall F1 2013, because I don’t remember in game settings nuances. But if you got the profiler installed and set right you should be good to go there so it would be in-game settings after that. In the meantime you can post screenshots of your in-game settings and I can see if something pops out.

Off the top of my head;

First Id try the simplest one; A lot of Codemasters games of that era have weird weird issues with vsync being on or off. It seems like it should be completely unrelated to a wheel but its worth trying. Try turning vsync ON.

Oscillation like that (if its pulling away from you) can be FFB strength related. Is your wheel super heavy/strong otherwise?

Centering spring could be set way too high.