Logitech G560

I decided to buy speakers because I got money extra. So I went with these…

Holy fuck they are loud. The sound is amazing. Bass is literally destroying my flat. Super satisfied.
Also I made this post because I like to show off how rich I am.

It has bluetooth, whitetooth, blacktooth, RGBtooth, USB port, 3.5mm jack etc.


Hey rich guy, buy me sekiro

You don’t deserve sekiro


You’re right :sob:

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Buy me things?

I like the speakers. I used to have some but basically just use a headset now.


What do ya want?

A house?

Don’t you have already 2?

In FF XIV maybe.

Still playing it?

Every once in a while. I’m waiting for the new expansion. I’m slowly playing through Persona 5 with the ol’ wife. Then maybe on to DMC 5 on PS4? WHO KNOWS?!

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Noice. I’m also waiting for the expansion. Hopefully it will be good. I’m still trying to finish the mini stories in BF5. Then maybe on to Nioh? WHO KNOWS?!

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Too lazy to make a new post so I’ll just put this here. New benchmark is up. Check it out if you want. It’s pretty cool.


Did not know you played FFXIV… you wouldn’t happen to be Katsuo Don would you :stuck_out_tongue: @Katsuo

Yeah I’m playing it a bit. Haven’t even reached Heavensward expansion haha. I don’t really have much time to play the game much but when I do have, I’m playing it (duuh). Luckily, I have vacation June-July so I have enough time to prepare for Shadowbringers.

And nope, Katsuo Don is definitely not me. I have some other trashy waifu weeb name that I can’t even write it down. I’m on Moogle server.

Ah cool, I am on Famfrit :smiley: