Logtech G633 Artemis Spectrum, Gaming Headset Review

Hey guys,

Hands down, the best wired performing wired headset I have reviewed. Just a shame that the price is so high :confused:

Link - http://www.enostech.com/logitech-g633-artemis-spectrum-rgb-7-1-surround-gaming-headset-review/

Nice review! The rotating top is interesting for sure. I am too scared to ever travel with my headsets.

Tiny formating error in the specs:


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teh_g Thanks for that, have updated it. It’s normally around 10-11PM when I do my proofreading, which seems to not be working so well for me lately! May have to save it until the morning now lol

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LetsGetIt1220 I got horribly good at skimming and finding things. It stems from horrible paranoia of presenting the wrong presentation to a customer at work…

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Just red the review and I don’t want to be picky but I have one question. What is the length of the cables included?

Nevertheless, this is a nicey but pricey piece of gaming equipment. :smiley:

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Zmajuga The USB cable is 3m long and the 3.5mm cable is 1.5m long :smiley: And never feel sorry for asking questions!

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That also qualifies this headset for a couch/TV gaming. :smiley:
Thanks for the answer. :wink:

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Good review! I have a G930 because I can’t stand a wire, I keep rolling over them with my chair.

But otherwise, it pretty much works the same, with a few minor things different. I can say after using mine for more than a year now, the rotating earpieces don’t bother me at all, and have held up well.

Here is one proofreading thing I noticed -
On your sentence, " I personally prefer this time of microphone over those that can be completely removed as, this way, you have a very slim chance of losing it.", it looks like you meant to say the word “kind”, instead of “time”.

That gets me all the time when I’m writing my stories. :slight_smile:
EDIT: in fact, it happened to me with this very post!! I put the word saw, instead of say, in the second sentence. :wink:

Polekatt Haha cheers for that. Don’t know how I got time and kind mixed up but hey ho, all sorted now! Thanks again!

Hey I own these and they are amazing

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