Looking for advice from guys from UK/Wales

I am looking to sell my computer case. Do you know where I could find buyers? And since I want it to be sold quickly what is the best place to look?

Quick = eBay but you probably won’t get what you want for it.

Personally, I try to stick with retailer forums, AV Forums and a few Facebook selling groups where I at least know of most of the people.

Gumtree can work as well, but can be hit or miss but still only takes a few seconds to post an ad once you’ve posted it all somewhere else.


bluevayero just make a very low price ^^

MeFFFlenn I will need to buy a new one later

bluevayero Why again do you wanna sell it?

MeFFFlenn Moving from UK to Greece and it is too big to transfer and too big for my new home