Looks like Konami is trying to do some damage control...


For the sake of Castlevania and Silent Hill franchises I hope they’ll succeed in it, but I’m not an optimist.
I won’t give 'em my money unless they fire the whole pachinko crapping assholes. :dagger:

I’m almost 152% sure that Konami doesn’t give a flying fuck about our opinion. That Ben dude can defend Konami as much he wants but the players lost all the trust in Konami and I’m also 152% sure that they can’t win our trust back. Especially when it comes to Metal Gear Solid games. No Kojima, no MGS. It is how it is.



AlphaOmegaSin nailed it. XD

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Zmajuga I’m with this guy 100%. Konami is just dead in my eyes lol

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