Luna "Prime Members Play Free"

Put this in deals rather than giveaways since you need a Prime sub but;

Amazon Luna will now have a rotating set of games available to Prime subscribers every month.

Phogs, Devil May Cry 5, Flashback, and Observer Redux are the first set.

Luna still has the normal sub and launched more “channels” as well (Retro, Jackbox). And “Luna Couch” is basically Amazon’s version of Steam’s “Remote Play Together”. Local co-op online. Guess they’re going all in on Luna. Also for what it’s worth, no new freebies on other services so far this month on the Prime Gaming page. So that might be done. But the section is still there so who knows.

Dunno how much I’ll use it but it’s there.

The PUGB free stuff comes out on the 4th. It was delayed due to a stability issue of some sort.

doubt anyone cares about that one other than me though, hahahah

Hopefully no one is gonna use Luna. I’m tired of getting up late in the night because Amazons data center is on fire or something and someone has to fix it even I have nothing to do with it.