Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

So this is my next game! Running at max settings, max rtx, at 2160p>60 (DLSS - Quality). It’s pretty fun so far. I was expecting it to be monitized to all hell but it’s actually a game! Sorta plays like the movies. Will post more later.

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They liscenced some pretty good songs.

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Based on the reviews, the game should be really good. I’m still waiting for them to update the game. I’m not gonna play it 1080p60…

What’s forcing you to play that way?

The Devs. They added only 1080p60 and 4k30 support for the ps5 version and I have the game on PS5 only.


Very stinky

Sell the ps5 game, buy on pc.

You are forgetting that I live in Germany. I’ll end up paying a lot more for the game just for the resolution bump.

It’s fine, I’ll probably play it 4k30 and finish it. It’s not the first game I’ve finished like that. I do wish, they get their shit together and patch the game properly. In what world can a PS5 not run the game at 1440p60 at least without the RT bullshit?

The new consoles are nice, but still only mid-range pcs.

True but they can still run the games at 1440p60. Hell, most of the PS5 exclusive games are natively ran at 1440p with 10 million different upscaling techniques to make it look juicier. Eidos could’ve done the same with GotG.

Sony needs to acknowledge 1440p exists. Regardless of internal rendering res, ps4/5 only output 1080p or 4k.

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I agree. At least they gonna implement VRR soon. Maybe 1440p will be a thing later too?

Just beat it! So fucking good, can’t believe they didn’t ruin a super hero game with monetization! Recommended. Can’t wait for a sequel.

I just finished this one. Fantastic game. Easily one of the best games ever made. I’m glad Square Enix didn’t fuck it up with microtransactions. I want a sequel. It’s also well optimized. Was running it on 4k 60fps on average with raytracing DLSS on. Good job Eidos.

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I dunno about best game ever made. But it is really good. I enjoyed the memes.

Wait…is this a better superhero game than the PS4 Spiderman? I don’t believe it.

Maybe I exaggerated a lil bit to convince people to buy the game :DDDDDDDDDDDD

Oh definitely. Spiderman doesn’t even come close to GotG and I’m a big Spidey fan. Maybe I’m just tired of open world games.